Capsiplex ReviewWeight Loss Method = Calorie Burner

Active Ingredient = Capsicum (Red Hot Peppers)

Dosage = 1 Tablet per day

Pack Size = 30 Pills per bottle

Cost = From £26.33 per bottle

Guarantee = None

Our Rating = 4 Star Rating

Available From = Official Site

Capsiplex is ideal for you if…….

  • You tend to eat too many calories
  • You struggle to find the energy to exercise
  • You like high calorie foods such as cheese or chocolate
  • You want a clinically proven weight loss tablet

Capsiplex at a glance:

tick Uses natural red hot peppers to burn excess calories

tickClinically proven to burn up to 278 calories a day

tickVegetarian and vegan friendly with only natural ingredients

tick Used by celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears

tickNo known side effects

tickEstablished UK company and sold in selected high-street stores

tickSimple, easy to swallow one-a-day formula

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What is in Capsiplex?

Capsiplex weight loss tablets have taken the medical world by storm. Scientists have known for some time that red hot peppers (also known as capsicum) contain amazing health benefits. Not least the ability to help increase your metabolism to burn more calories.

However, despite this known weight loss power – no one had figured out a safe a comfortable way to consume the peppers. Of course, hot peppers by their nature are very difficult to eat and with the quantities that are needed for weight loss benefits even the most hardened spicy food addicts would struggle to consume enough to see the benefits.

The inventors of Capsiplex made a breakthrough when they found a way to encapsulate the needed ingredients in to a pill that caused no irritation or side effects when swallowed. This finally paved the way for the known power of the peppers to help aid weight loss in millions of individuals like yourself.

We are not scientists so our knowledge of exactly how Capsiplex provides the ingredients without causing irritation is slightly beyond our skill-set. However, all we need to know is that they found a way to specially coat the ingredients with a protective layer which prevents any undesirable sensations or side-effects.

This means that Capsiplex red hot pepper weight loss tablets are….well…..not hot at all!

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How is Capsiplex different to other slimming tablets?

Zotrim is Proven in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have shown that on average Capsiplex helps you to burn off 278 extra calories a day. That is the equivalent of a hamburger….or even a bar of chocolate!

Of course, this does not mean that you get a licence to eat more, if you want to lose weight then you will still have to watch what you eat.

However, that amazing extra calorie burning benefit can be gained just from sitting still.

Whilst exercising, trials also showed that Capsiplex helps you to burn calories up to 12 times faster than without the impressive pills. This basically means that if you want to exercise to lose weight then great, Capsiplex can help you to burn calories even faster.

However, if you do not want to exercise then Capsiplex can still help you to rid yourself of up 278 calories a day. Not bad however you look on it.

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Here is what makes Capsiplex so different:

  • Clinically proven to burn up to 278 calories a day
  • Contains only natural ingredients and is vegetarian friendly
  • Increases metabolism before, during, and after exercise
  • Used by some of the biggest celebrity names including Jennifer Lopez
  • The only pill to harness the weight loss power of red hot peppers
  • Made by an established UK company
  • No known side-effects or discomforts

Will Capsiplex work for you?

Capsiplex is a product that is designed to have the maximum range of appeal. If you do not exercise then it can help you because it can burn calories even while you watch TV. However, if you do exercise then the benefits are accelerated by burning the calories up to 12 times more quickly, meaning you see results faster than by exercising alone.

Because it burns calories, Capsiplex is suited to most people regardless of what kind of an eater you are. It does not just target fatty food and it  is not made to suppress your appetite, basically whatever your diet consists of, Capsiplex can help you to lose weight quickly.

Normally at this stage we would recommend alternative products that may suit you better. However, as Capsiplex has such a wide reach in terms of how it helps we do feel it is a great choice for you no matter what your individual circumstances are.

There is even an additional product available to buy with Capsiplex to help suppress your appetite. Therefore if you want to attack your weight from two different angles – reducing the amount you eat AND burning more calories then we would recommend you choose that option on the Capsiplex website. At the time of writing you can get a special deal when you buy Capsiplex together with their appetite suppressant product.

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What are the negatives of Capsiplex?

Capsiplex Weight Loss TabletsWith such an impressive product it is hard to find too many negatives with Capsiplex.

It has the clinical proof of its effectiveness, it’s made from natural ingredients that are vegetarian friendly, and it even boasts a string of celebrity customers.

However, if we are really looking for negatives then we would have to say that the lack of a guarantee is a small concern.

You would think that with all the evidence the product has that a guarantee of some kind would be quite easy for Capsiplex to offer.

That said, the product is relatively low cost compared to some options out there so it is not too much of a risk to try it without the re-assurance of a guarantee.

Other then that we are really struggling to find too many other negatives, the lack of a guarantee stopped Capsiplex from getting our top 5 star rating but it is hard to find any other downsides to such a ground breaking weight loss product.

Benefits of ordering Capsiplex online

Firstly, before we go on to explain how to order, we would like to mention that Capsiplex has the following benefits:

  • Low cost shipping worldwide
  • Made and shipped by a UK company
  • Added savings on larger orders
  • Secure online ordering facility
  • Customer support via telephone and email

So let’s talk about the cost of Capsiplex tablets. A one month supply (that’s one bottle of 30 pills) will set you back £29.99 plus £3.95 shipping. That is a total of £33.94 for a months supply which is pretty reasonable for a well proven product.

However, if you are willing to order in bigger quantities then you can reduce that cost significantly. For example the 3 month supply comes in at £79.00 plus £3.95 shipping. That is a total of £27.65 a month, saving you £6.29 every month against a one month supply. For this reason we would advise you to order the bigger quantities and save yourself some cash.

There is also a deal available when you buy the appetite suppressant along with the standard Capsiplex product. That comes in at £42.48 plus £3.95 shipping which for two great products is a good deal.

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Capsiplex Review Summary

Capsiplex ReviewIt is not very often that a weight loss tablet of this magnitude comes along.

inally unleashing the power of a natural ingredient that has baffled scientists for years, Capsiplex is a great product for helping you to burn more calories and lose weight fast.

Clinically proven to burn as many as 278 calories a day puts this diet pill in an elite group of weight loss supplements you can trust.

Perhaps the best thing is that it will work whether you exercise or not which is a rare trait in today’s world.

Capsiplex tablets have lots of proof so the lack of a guarantee should not put you off. Added to that it is a product that has been used by the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears and you know by becoming a Capsiplex customer you are in good company.

In addition, Capsiplex has also featured in a range of leading UK publications including The Sun, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Express.

Made and shipped by a UK company, Capsiplex has everything you need from a weight loss pill without any of the side effects or discomforts that other pills give. A top product worthy of a try if you really want to shed those extra pounds quickly.

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