Weight Loss MetBuy Pure African Mangohod = Appetite Suppressant

Contains = African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonensis) equivalent to 2400mg or 18000mg

Dosage = 1-2 capsules per day

Pack Size = 60 Capsules per bottle

Cost = £19.95 for 2400mg, £39.95 for 18000mg

Guarantee = 30 Day Money Back guarantee.

Our Rating = 5 Star Rating

Available From = Evolution Slimming

If you’ve been searching for an appetite suppressant then you should take a closer look at an all natural fruit extract pill known as Pure African Mango.  In the past you may have chosen a product called Hoodia, but that has now since been banned from sale in the UK.  Raving customers are claiming that this product is the best appetite suppressant they have ever tried.

If you are STILL struggling to lose weight then you may not have thought about the “little things” that you do (like mid-meal snacking), and how they affect your weight loss.  With all natural ingredients, African Mango is being heralded as a major breakthrough in the battle of weight loss.

Pure African Mango is ideal for you if…….

  • You’ve been trying to lose weight for years but it simply is not shifting.
  • You are constantly feeling hungry when trying to lose weight
  • You cannot resist the urge to nibble and binge on snacks in between meals

Pure African Mango at a glance:

  • Buy Pure African Mango

    Pure African Mango helps stop you from feeling hungry by suppressing your appetite.  It is claimed it may delay stomach emptying which brings to increased absorption of dietary sugars.

  • Scientific studies between two groups – a test group and a placebo group have shown that the placebo group lost 1.5 lbs (on average) while the test group who did take Pure African Mango actually lost an incredible 28.1 lbs!  At the same time, those who took African mango also saw a 6.3% reduction in their body fat levels!
  • In a simple pill format, you take two pills a day, 30 minutes before a meal and you are done. Much easier than dieting in the traditional sense.  Do this and you will begin to lose weight.
  • The Pure African Mango diet pill also has other health benefits.  It improves Cholesterol components and improves total and LDL cholesterol.  The overall result is a lowering of cholesterol, aiding with weight loss and improving bloody glucose levels.
  • A recent airing on Oprah Winfrey’s Dr Oz segment featured a section by the show’s Dr Tanya Edwards.  She said that it seemed like a magic bullet!  She started taking just one pill a day instead of the recommended two, and lo and behold she actually lost 7 pounds in the first month of use, without making any changes whatsoever to her diet or exercise regime.  Since then, sales have mushroomed.  The pills have also been featured on FoxNews.com.

How Does Pure African Mango Work?

African Mango actually comes from the direct extracts taken from the Irvingia Gabonensis seed.  This fruit tree is found in West and central Africa and has nicknames of “wild mango” and “bush mango”.  While it’s relatively new to the UK, worldwide it is already a huge global phenomenon.  It has also been featured in the Daily Mail newspaper.

All over the African and Nigerian countries, African Mango has served numerous uses from medicine through to nutrition and even for the local economy.

In 2005 two studies was undertaken by Judith L. Ngondi and colleagues.  With 28 test subjects and a 4 week trial period, two groups were set up.  The group who took it actually lost 5.3% of their body weight while the control group only 1.3%.

Put in simple terms, Pure African mango is known as a very high fibre food, and these foods have long been associated with weight loss, and supporting a healthy and balanced diet.

The only downside to taking Pure African Mango is that you may experience side effects such as headaches, flatulence and difficulty sleeping (although the number of people who are known to have experienced these are very minimal.  The large number of raving testimonials helps cement these facts.

How is Pure African Mango different to other appetite suppressants?

The beauty of Pure African Mango as an appetite suppressant is that it is entirely natural and is made using ground up seeds from the Mango bush that is native to West and Central Africa.  Ultimately it has next to no side effects being listed and in the wider scheme of things it has a plethora of raving customer testimonials.

Other appetite suppressants have reported various side effects.  There have been numerous counterfeit appetite suppressant products that have contained dangerous chemicals and given other suppressants a tainted image.  Pure African Mango is thankfully all-natural and ideal to help you lose weight when you are struggling!

Pure African Mango Review Summary

Pure African Mango is an all natural appetite suppressant that stops you from feeling hungry quite so much.  You take two pills a day, 30 minutes before your meals and then you are done.  This is all you need to do to lose weight.

You can combine this with an exercise and healthy eating regime if you want to boost your results and keep the weight loss continuing on a regular and ongoing basis.  There are countless testimonials all vying that the success rates of Pure African Mango are real and genuine.

  • African-Mango-2400mgThe pills come in two distinct types.  A 2400 mg dietary supplement formulation known as “Pure African Mango Advanced 2400 mg“ that contains African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonensis) equivalent to 2400mg in 60 capsules.  These come with a FREE UK delivery option, a 7 day diet plan download and a 30 day money back guarantee for total peace of mind.
  • 3African-Mango-18000The second version is the “Africa’s Finest Pure African Mango Extract 18,000 mg“.  This ultra high strength dose formulation is the UK’s strongest African mango supplement.  This version also comes with the exact same FREE UK delivery option, 7 day diet plan and 30 day money back guarantee offered with the first version.

Both pill variants are suitable for vegetarians.

Visit Ecolution SlimmingThey are currently sold by the online trusted weight loss store called Evolution Slimming.  Evolution slimming is an online superstore that offers a whole lot more.  Full UK customer telephone and email support, a retail store in Canterbury, Kent and an online weight loss discussion forum.  They also offer regular monthly discounts and coupons, an interactive Facebook page and an online review system so you can read impartial reviews!

While it may seem like a lot of money at almost £20 for a 1 month supply you need to weigh up the cost of trying to lose weight by alternative means. 

  • Pure African Mango works out to around 66p a day to take it.  You will pay a similar price at the gym or by purchasing healthy option foods or a diet club membership (and their own brand diet snacks)!
  • There are discounts on offer when you buy a 2 or 3 month supply, so why not find out more.  They currently offer a buy one, get one free option.  With the 2 for one option the price is effectively half, so why wait!

If you like the idea of Pure African Mango then take a closer look by clicking here.  You will be able to keep the weight off that you lose, and look slimmer and feel a lot sexier!  Countless testimonials and scientific studies have proven that this works.

Buy African Mango

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