slimming pills in microscopeSo, you have decided that you want to try aiding your weight loss with a slimming tablet.

The next thing to do is start researching the different pills available and find one that suits your needs the best.

To help you do this you can take our weight loss pill quiz to get a personal recommendation as to which type of pill is best for you.

Once you have decided what type of slimming tablet is right for you, it’s time to look at your options and decide which is your best option.

To help you do this we have put together own own checklist that you can use when comparing diet pills:

Medical Backing

Because the slimming pill industry is not regulated, it is vital that you look for products that have received some form of medical backing.

Medical backing can come in various forms, from the recommendations of a recognised doctor through to clinical trials on the ingredients – or better still, the product itself.

Make no mistake about it, the right medical backing is very important and tells you that a tablet is not only safe but also more likely to be effective.

Clear Description of Ingredients

Believe it or not there are many slimming tablets out there that do not describe all of their ingredients. Instead they tend to focus on just the one or two they want you to know about. If they do not explain everything that is in their pills then they may contain chemicals, fillers or binders – all of which may not be good for your health.

Only buy products that clearly explain exactly what is in the tablets and why they are in there. It doesn’t hurt to research the name of an ingredient if you do not recognise it just to make sure it has no nasty problem causing properties.

No Side-Effects

Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t see the point of buying a slimming tablet that has unwanted side effects, especially when there are very effective ones available without side effects.

Side effects of slimming tablets can range from stomach ache through to diarrhoea or worse. Check out reviews of products to find out if they have any known side effects. Most reputable pills will say on their website if they have side effects but it’s still worth double checking with independent sources.

Money-Back Guarantee

guaranteed slimming tabletsThis isn’t something that is overly common with slimming tablets, however, if the company has confidence in their products why wouldn’t they offer a guarantee?

We don’t believe you should be put off a product just because it doesn’t guarantee results. However, it certainly makes you more confident and willing to take the risk of spending your hard earned cash if there is some form of money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

Always try and stick to products that have a good guarantee. If the one you really want doesn’t then make sure it has some clinical proof of it’s effectiveness and is not too expensive. That way if it doesn’t work for you then you haven’t lost a lot of money.

Access to Customer Support

Before you buy any tablet make sure you can find some contact details for the company selling it. Ideally you want a phone number but even an email address is better than nothing. This way if you ever have questions or problems you know you can easily get the support you need.

If you are unsure about a product or company it is always worth emailing or calling them and see how well they handle your query. If they respond quickly with the right information then you can be more confident about giving them a try.

Pills per Box & Dosage

This is a key one as we have noticed a lot of companies try to undercut their competitors on price by putting fewer tablets in a pack or making the dosage high.

For example, we have seen some products sell a month supply as 60 pills, however when you check the dosage you need 3 tablets a day. At this dosage those 60 pills would only last you 20 days, meaning you would go through 3 boxes every 2 months. Over time this adds up to a lot of extra cost.

Check the dosage of the product and compare it to how many you get in a box. This will tell you how regularly you will need to order the product.

Free Trials Leading to Automatic Billing

Although more common in the USA than in the UK, there are some slimming pills out there that lure you in with the offer a free trial without making it clear you will be enrolled in an automatic billing scheme.

This can come as quite a surprise and it can be difficult to get out of, especially if you cannot find any contact details for the company. To be safe we recommend you stay away from free trials and automatic billing schemes until you have tried the product and have gained confidence in the company who makes it.

These are the main things you need to be looking out for when choosing your slimming tablet. We have been lucky to try some weight loss aids that pass all of the above points. You can find out more about them by visiting our slimming tablet reviews.