binocularsThere are many things to consider when choosing a slimming gadget to help you aid weight loss.

From cost, through to effectiveness and even your enjoyment all have to be taken in to consideration before purchasing.

Therefore, to help you choose the right slimming gadget for you we have put together a handy checklist you can use when making your decision which one to buy.

Weight Loss Effectiveness

There are many diet gadgets around that when you look at them you struggle to see how they will help you lose weight even though they are being marketed as a slimming gadget.

It is important to thoroughly read up on the gadget before you buy it. Find out how it helps you lose weight and check to see if there is any evidence or tests that show its effectiveness.

Of course some gadgets are not promoted as weight loss aids directly yet their very nature means they will make you exercise and so the benefit is obvious, just make sure you know for sure if it will be effective before you buy it.


The last thing you want when you get a weight loss gadget is for it to break after a few uses. This is particularly important if the gadgets main aim is not weight loss as the way you use it may put abnormal pressure on it.

Therefore check that it has a good solid track record and does not have reports of it easily breaking.


One of the best things about slimming gadgets is that they provide a way to help increase the amount of weight you lose without making it feel like hard work.

Instead they should provide a fun experience which means you will not easily bore or tire of the gadget and that losing weight becomes fun.

If you can test the gadget out in a shop before buying it then do so as it will give you an idea of how fun it is to use.


We all know how easy it is to buy a gadget that seems like fun only to get bored of it after a few weeks. Exercise equipment such as treadmills or bikes are perfect examples as they usually turn in to somewhere to hang your clothes quite quickly.

Therefore what you want from a weight loss gizmo is something that you will not get bored with and something that you will enjoy so much that you keep using it. The Nintendo Wii could be a good example of this.

Value for Money

Not many of us can afford to spend thousands of pounds on a slimming gadget therefore check you are getting value for money.

Shop around to find the cheapest price and, if you are choosing between two gadgets at different prices, weigh up the pros and cons of each to help you decide which will give you the best value for your money.

Lifestyle Suitability

You should take care to consider how any slimming gadget will fit in to your lifestyle. For example if you work full time and lead a busy life then you do not want a gadget that takes a few hours a day to use.

On the other hand if you are a stay at home mum then you may have more free time so perhaps you would get more worth out a gadget that does take up a lot of time.

Just make sure you choose one that can easily fit your lifestyle otherwise you may just be throwing money away on something you will never find the time to use.

These are just some of the factors you should consider before going out and buying any weight loss or slimming gadget. There are many to choose from so make sure that the gadget is right for you before parting with your hard earned cash.