Weight Loss Method = Appetite Suppressant

Active Ingredient = Seaweed Fibre Extract

Dosage = 1-3 Tablets per meal

Pack Size = 50 Pills per box

Cost = £17.49 per box

Our Rating 3stars

Available From = ?

Appesat is ideal for you if…….

  • You find you snack too much between meals
  • You tend to eat large portions of food
  • You want a natural weight loss aid

Appesat at a glance:

tick Contains a natural seaweed fibre extract

tick Helps you feel fuller for longer

tick 100% natural ingredients

tick Cut out snacking between meals

tick No known side effects

tick Established UK company


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How does Appesat work?

Appesat contains a special seaweed extract that is able to expand in your stomach and send signals to your brain to tell you that you no longer need food.

In essence it works on a similar level to high-fibre breakfast cereal. The fibre expands in your stomach making your body feel like there is more food there than there really is.

Because the fibre is also harder for your body to break down, it takes longer to digest meaning you stay fuller for longer.

When I first decided to do an Appesat review I was skeptical as I thought why don’t I just eat a high in fibre breakfast then if it works the same way?

However, the key thing to remember is this pill’s primary goal is to reduce hunger, plus unlike a breaksfast cereal you can take it before each meal.

This means you can still eat your normal meals but you will feel less hungry between them and you will also not need to eat as large portions.

Will Appesat work for you?

Because Appesat is an appetite suppressant it is ideally suited to you if your issue is that you eat too much or snack between meals.

It will not be very effective if your problem is that you just eat the wrong foods or do not get enough exercise rather than simply that you eat too much.

However, if you are a between-meals snacker or you like to max up your portions and cannot imagine being able to cut down the amount you consume then Appesat provides a suitable aid to weight loss.

My Appesat review has shown that this slimming tablet is a perfect solution to help you get your appetite under control.

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Negatives of Appesat

As with all weight loss tablets, Appesat does have it’s negative points.

Firstly as mentioned it is only suitable for you if you eat too much, either in one go or through regular snacking.

It is also not the cheapest weight loss tablet you will ever find.

With a dosage of 1-3 tablets per meal and a box size of 50 tablets, at the maximum dosage you will go through a box every 5-6 days.

As you can imagine this would make the costs soon mount up.

However, to be fair it is unlikely you will use the maximum dosage every day. Instead you will probably find you only need 3-5 tablets a day meaning one box would last you a more respectable 10-17 days.

Still though, because of this fast usage I would recommend that if you choose Appesat you order at least 2-3 boxes as a single box will not last long and will be unlikely to bring you any noticable results.

Appesat Review Summary

If you are looking for a strong, all natural appetite suppressant that is based upon the sound pinciples of fibre consumption then Appesat is a good choice.

Ideally suited to you if you eat large portions of food or eat unhealthy snacks between meals, Appesat provides a way to get your hunger back under control.

The main problem is how the costs can mount up quickly as a single box does not last long, therefore you prefer to try an appetite suppressant that you know a box will last an entire month then Pure African Mango might be a better choice.

However, if you like the idea of using fibre as a way to control your appetite and you want to start losing weight by reducing the number of calories you consume in a day, Appesat is for you.

It should also be said that you can safely use Appesat in conjunction with a diet (although results can be achieved without intentional diet changes) so if the hunger always gets to you when dieting, Appesat is a good way to give you the upper hand.

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