No doubt you have already spent a fair amount of time seeking the best proven weight loss pills? It can be really difficult as there is such a range of information available online and not all of it is reliable.

Let’s be fair, we all want to use the best slimming tablets and better still if they are proven to work.

Well, all of the slimming pills we have tried and featured on this website have been clinically proven to work. Therefore perhaps your search for the best proven weight loss pills is about to come to an end.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no one single pill that will work best for everyone. So much depends on your own lifestyle and diet that it is impossible for one pill to work as well for you as it might have for someone else.

What you need to do instead is take a look at a range of the best proven weight loss pills and then choose one that fits your personal circumstances the best. If you need some help with this then please take our slimming pills quiz.

With that in mind here are three products which we believe are all contenders for being your best proven weight loss pills:

Proactol – Number 1 Clinically Proven Fat Binder

Proactol Review

If you need some clinical evidence to back up the claims of a slimming tablet the Proactol delivers everything you need. It is a fat binder that has undergone clinical trials to prove it’s effectiveness.

These trials have proven that Proactol Plus can bind up to 28% of your fat intake. In other words you can reduce the amount of fat in a meal by up to 28% every time you eat.

Obviously with this kind of fat-reduction it should not take you long to lose weight and achieve the body size you are aiming for. In fact, the proof of it’s effectiveness has led this diet pill to be featured in newspapers such as The Mail and The Telegraph.

For this reason Proactol has a strong claim to be the best proven weight loss pill. However, it is only suitable for you if you consume a lot of high fat meals – if you already eat healthily then it may not be the best option for you.

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Pure African Mango – Number 1 appetite suppressant

If your problem is more about eating too much than anything else then you will most likely find your best diet pill is an appetite suppressant. In this situation then the best appetite suppressing slimming tablet we have found is Pure African Mango.

It uses the South African cactus plant called African Mango which has been proven to send signals to your brain telling it you are full and do not need to eat.

However, Pure African Mango fills the gap in the UK market for a genuine and Pure African Mango pill and for this reason it is another contender to be one of the best proven weight loss pills on the market. Remember, it is most suited to you if your problem is eating too much too often.

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Zotrim – Number 1 Energy Booster proven in 8 trials

If the number of clinical trials a slimming tablet has been through is important to you then you will not find many that have as much evidence as Zotrim.

No less than 8 clinical trials have proven Zotrim to be effective – both at increasing your energy AND suppressing your appetite.

Zotrim basically uses a combination of herbal ingredients to deliver a powerful effect. Not only will you feel more energised and ready to exercise but you will also feel fuller for longer meaning you need to eat less.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that more exercise + less food = the perfect weight loss solution.

For this reason Zotrim is another product that has a strong claim for being your best proven weight loss pills. It is most suitable for you if you would like to exercise to lose weight but regularly lack the energy to do so.

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