Banned Diet PillsBanned diet pills everywhere! But are they safe?

Time and again diet pills have been proved to have side effects on such a large scale as to offset any possible benefits. Take Ephedra for example.

Ephedrine (the active ingredient in Ephedra) is an immensely powerful drug when it comes to appetite suppressants.

But you should stay away from it, no matter in what shape or dosage it may come – banned diet pills are dangerous.

Side-effects include nausea, headache, irritation of the stomach, anxiety,  psychosis, kidney stones, tremors, irregular or rapid heart rhythms, heart damage, high blood pressure, restlessness, nervousness, sleeping problems, decreased appetite, flushing, sweating, increased urination, stroke and seizures. Oh, and death.

Then why did they ban Ephedra, only to lift the ban a bit later? And is it banned now by FDA or is it legal?

The fact is that ephedrine containing supplements are pretty effective for weight loss, but it does matter how much you consume and what you combine them with. So if you are not 101% sure what you’re doing, you’re better off not taking it.

What other pills have been banned in recent years?

Quite a few, actually! Fatloss Slimming, 2 Day Diet, 3x Slimming Power, Japan Lingzhi 24 Hours Diet, 5x Imelda Perfect Slimming, 3 Day Diet, 7 Day Herbal Slim, 8 Factor Diet, 7 Diet Day/Night Formula, 999 Fitness Essence, Extrim Plus, GMP, Imelda Perfect Slim, Lida DaiDaihua, Miaozi Slim Capsules, Perfect Slim, Perfect Slim 5x, Phyto Shape, ProSlim Plus, Royal Slimming Formula, Slim 3 in 1, Slim Express 360, Slimtech, Somotrim, Superslim, TripleSlim, Zhen de Shou and Venom Hyperdrive 3.0, Hydroxycut, and there are probably many more that we haven’t heard about.

It’s really important to do your research and get as much data as possible about anything you’re planning to swallow before the deed is done, so to speak. We argue with our GPs on whether HRT is healthy or not-so-healthy, but we go on buying diet pills that can have truly damaging adversely effects! As with everything else, moderation is required.

On the other hand, the supplement/nutraceuticals are giving the big pharma companies a run for their money! And the boys with a lot of cash and an incredible number of friends in high places can and will try to stop anything that gets in the way of their wealth.


Playing on our fears and insecurities is probably the most cost-effective marketing strategy they have. A big corporation like GSK isn’t going to let an Internet start-up stand in its path, now is it?

Banned diet pills won’t do the trick if you don’t strive for a healthy lifestyle. This means you need to eat moderate amounts of high quality foods, give up as much as possible all processed sugary and/or fatty items (but treat yourself with a bit of chocolate every now and then if you feel like it), and exercise a lot.

The right diet pill will help you make the transition to this type of life a lot easier. We all take heart when we see good results sooner rather than later, especially if we have to give up some good food in order to get those results!

Some diet pills being nothing more than vitamins mixed with some dangerous, unknown chemicals and you should stay away from them.

Do yourself a favor and choose something that’s worked for other people, something that is backed by medical studies, even if it won’t make you “lose 20 pounds a month, no need to diet!”

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