Read Quantrim reviewIf you’ve been looking into the Quantrim herbal slimming tablets “buzz” then chances are you will be asking yourself does Quantrim really work or not?  We wanted to know as well so we set about to try and find out the answers for our own peace of mind and to help you understand it too.

Quantrim is a slimming tablet from the UK that uses only herbal (i.e. organic ingredients) that are found native to the UK and to Europe.  The company is getting a lot of positive press  (The Daily Mail and The Daily Express) and coverage due to their claims and to the claims that there are zero side effects.  As a result, people are buying into the idea of these.

The likes of Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears are strong advocates to the benefit of eating Seaweed and as you know seaweed (Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus) is one of the two main ingredients within Quantrim.  The other main ingredient is Cleavers – an ancient ingredient that has long been hailed as an aide to slimming as it is able to reduce bloating and water retention.

 So, does Quantrim really work?

Well before we get to that I want to point out that Quantrim offer a full 60 day money back guarantee.  That is pretty much unheard of in this industry.  They really believe in their product that much, enough for them to let you try the tablets for 60 days risk free, and if you don’t lose weight then you can get your money back?  Crazy if you ask me, but it sure does help put your mind at ease, as nobody likes the idea of spending money and getting nothing back as a result.

Quantrim was recently given a four week trial by 40 test patients.  The average weight loss over that period was 10 pounds.  This was when they also combined the tablets with a diet that was simply 500 calories a day less than their usual.  Nothing else was changed.

So ask yourself again – does Quantrim really work? 

Well, because of it’s ingredients, it’s been awarded a THR (Traditional Herbal Registration) licence which means that the two ingredients can be sold in a pill format.

The two ingredients are widely known for their health benefits, but it is inly in 1914 when a Scottish herbalist known as William Box developed his slimwell anti-fat slimming tablets.

So if you really need to know does Quantrim really work, then why not take a closer look and read a detailed Quantrim review that spills all the facts and lays them on the table for you in plain English.  Looks like Quantrim is going to be a huge hit.


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