Lean1 ShakeWe have been hearing a lot in the press lately about a weight loss shake called lean1 or Lean 1.

The Lean1 shake is getting so much attention because a host of celebrities have been linked to it including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, and even golfer Tiger Woods!

However, experts are also slamming the shake for it’s potentially dangerous side effects.

There appears to be very little effect on this weight loss shake so we are advising you NOT to purchase Lean1 shakes until more research has been published.

Side Effects of Lean1 Shakes

Some of the side effects that have already been linked with Lean1 shakes include:

  • Bowel Cancer
  • Heart Attacks
  • Hair Loss
  • Constipation

The important thing to realise here is that just because celebrities are using a product it does not make it safe or effective. Although the weight loss benefits of Lean1 shakes appear positive, the potential side effects are extremely scary.

Described as ‘better than liposuction’, the shakes are also very expensive at around £4 a time, meaning you will spend around £120 every month. Now call us old fashioned but that is a lot of money to pay for a weight loss aid that could ultimately kill you.

Ingredients of a Lean1 Shake

The actual ingredient list of Lean1 is hard to find. They often talk about a mixture of fruit and veg plus vitamins and fibre but do not seem to keen to reveal exactly what is in the shakes which makes you a little cautious.

What we do know is that a Lean1 Shake contains the appetite suppressor, Hoodia Gordonii. This is a South African cactus plant that we are quite familiar with here at Aid Weight Loss.

Now we know that hoodia is an incredibly powerful appetite suppressant that makes you feel fuller more quickly and for longer. This leads to you eating smaller portions of food and less between meal snacks. ll of which means you consume fewer calories and therefore lose weight.

We cannot doubt the effectiveness of Lean1 Shakes based on the hoodia content but we do doubt the safety of Lean1 because of the opinions published by medical experts and the lack of clear information coming from Nutrition53, the company behind Lean1.

Alternatives to Lean1 Shakes

So, with the dangerous side effects in mind, the lack of clarification regarding ingredients, and the high price point of around £120 a month we are advising you to avoid Lean1 Shakes until more is known about them.

Why take such an expensive risk when we know there are products on the market that contain the same active ingredient (hoodia) as Lean1 but without the nasty side effects and high price point?

We make no hesitation is recommending one of our favourite weight loss products, Raspberry Ketone Plus as a better alternative to Lean1 Shakes.

With no reported side effects and a good range of testimonials, we feel it is a much safer option than Lean1 but is likely to provide the same, or better, benefits than the shake.

Raspberry Ketone may not have the celebrity users but to be honest that counts for absolutely nothing because we all know that celebrities will take anything without any regard for their health. Just look at the number who turn to recreational drugs to get their kicks.

A celebrity endorsement is just not reliable and you as a consumer have to see past that and examine the true risks and benefits of a product before making an informed decision. That decision is clear to us – Raspberry Ketone is the better, safer option for fast weight loss but you can click the link below to read our review and make your own mind up:

Click here to read our full review of Raspberry Ketone

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