Green Tea Weight LossIf you scrutinize the back of popular diet pill bottles, you will see green tea extract or green tea in the list of ingredients.

While diet pills contain many unhealthy ingredients and are often quite dangerous, there is good reason why they always use green tea.

Green tea is indeed weight loss tea and helps you to lose weight. While it can’t be anything like twenty pounds per week or other exaggerated claims made by marketing companies, it has been established scientifically that green tea burns calories and blocks the absorption of fat.

How does green tea weight loss happen? Foods such as fat and sugar are turned into the substance known as ‘triglyceride’ in the small intestine and liver, then carried to the bloodstream and the other tissues of the body.

Triglyceride is an essential source of energy required for physical activities; it turns into a problem when there is an excess of triglyceride – it then turns into fat, leading to obesity.

This is where green tea acts like weight loss tea. Green tea has high quantities of polyphenols, which are responsible for activating an enzyme which dissolves the excess triglyceride. What this means is that in the long term, green tea is very effective in burning fat.

Weight Loss Tea

Green tea is indeed weight loss tea because of the powerful antioxidants found in it known as catechin polyphenols, which carry many health benefits. One in particular called EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate stimulates metabolism which speeds up weight loss.

Caffeine contained in green tea, along with EGCG, has a stimulating effect on the main nervous system, releasing fat in to the blood-stream which the body uses as fuel. When fat is used for producing energy, it is known as ‘thermogenesis’, which provides the body with extra energy, helps in burning body fat and also gets rid of excess water.

Caffeine alone can also act on the metabolism and stimulate it in this way, but researchers have found that green tea, with its particular combination of ingredients, is more effective in doing this than only caffeine.

We all know how important it is to exercise in order to lose weight. Exercise burns up calories, increases energy levels, and builds up muscles, which boosts the metabolism to a higher level.

Here too, green tea weight loss is effective; its catechin polyphenols property acts on the muscle cells and the liver to stimulate the function of fatty acids.

This has the subsequent effect of reducing the rate at which carbohydrates are used, leading to greater endurance and longer periods of exercise.

A study conducted on lab rats showed that with the help of green tea extracts, the animals were able to swim 24% longer before they became exhausted. With more endurance, a person can exercise longer, which leads to more calories getting burned and a greater reduction in one’s weight.

While there has been an excess of marketing hype by makers of weight-loss supplements and diet pill over tea and its usefulness for weight loss, a large number of medical and scientific studies have established beyond any doubt green tea is indeed a weight loss tea with potent effects.

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