Christmas is a time of the year when one eats and drinks without any restrictions.

The huge Christmas dinner makes one forget the strict diet that he/she had been following the entire year. It is certainly hard to resist the delicacies served during Christmas.

With the Christmas turkey, the potatoes, the yams, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce and numerous other finger liking dishes, one is sure to put on a few extra pounds.

When the irresistible Christmas dinner is over and one has stuffed oneself with all the delicious food, one tends to feel a little bloated. It had been revealed in a survey that people drink 10 bottles of wine in just that one week from Christmas to New Year.

One also tends to eat new kinds of food and the calorie count shoots up. The food served during Christmas and New Year are usually high on sugar and fat and instantly make people put on weight.

Tips to Lose Weight After Christmas

Once all the celebration is over, it is time to sit and make a resolution that one will lose the weight that was gained in the festive season. Easy methods can be followed to lose weight after Christmas. One should start drinking a lot of water.

Having at least eight glasses of water every day is a must. This will fill up the stomach and keep less space for food. Consequently, one will eat lesser amount of food. It will also hasten the process of digestion.

The amount of meat in the diet increases during Christmas. In the following weeks, one should include more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. This will help the body strike a balance and supply the body will essential nutrients. Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet even if you are not trying to lose weight.

They are low on calories and high on vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables fill the stomach and make one less hungry for meat and other high calorie food.

Losing weight after Christmas will be easier if one stops eating junk food in the following weeks. One eats so much of junk food during Christmas that the high fat content makes one put on weight. One often tends to skip meals after Christmas to make up for the high calories intake during Christmas.

This should never be done. It is to be noted that having breakfast in the morning maintains the energy level and increases the metabolic rate. Avoiding breakfast only makes one more hungry by noon and one eats more of frizzy drinks and fried food when struck by the pangs of hunger.

In order to lose weight after Christmas, one should eat food with high fiber like wholegrain cereals, brown rice and brown bread. These take longer to be chewed and slow down the eating process.

It takes more time to be digested and stay in the stomach for long making one feel full. This will make one eat less and consequently lose weight.

To get a helping hand with losing weight after Christmas why not take our weight loss method quiz to find out what approach will work best for you.

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