Tesco Diets ReviewNumber of Diets = 16 Personalised Plans

Ease of Use = Excellent

Best Feature = Shopping Lists

Community = Forum & Chat Rooms

Weight Tracker = Yes

Cost = From £1.50 per week

Our Rating = 5 Star Rating

Available From = Official Site Only

Tesco Diets is ideal for you if…….

  • You have a specific reason for wanting to lose weight
  • You suffer from any medical conditions such as diabetes
  • You want motivation as well as sound advice help you lose weight
  • You want to make shopping for healthy foods easier

Tesco Diets at a glance:

tick 16 Personalised diet plans

tick9 Health specific plans

tickDiets to suit any lifestyle and goal

tick Eat healthily and lose weight quicker

tick Recipes to help you prepare healthy meals easily

tickPersonalised weekly shopping lists

tickHuge community to help you make friends and stay motivated

tickHome fitness plans available to save you gym membership fees

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How can Tesco Diets help you lose weight?

Tesco Diets Weight LossTesco Diets is an online diet program. It is very similar to the slimming meetings you may have seen advertised in your local area, the difference is that Tesco Diets is a program that you follow exclusively online.

This offers the advantage of not having set times when you have to attend meetings and also avoids the embarrassment of having to do a ‘weigh-in’ in front of people.

The idea is that Tesco Diets first ask a few questions about you such as the reason you want to lose weight and whether you have any medical conditions which may effect your diet (for example diabetes or food allergies).

They then as you for your current height and weight so that they can work out your BMI. From this their automated system is then able to recommend a specific and personalised diet to you.

Of course you do not have to follow it as there are 16 different plans to choose from, however I would recommend at least trying their suggestion first.

Once you have your plan you are given access to a wide range of different meal choices, recipes and support that allow you to create and follow your perfect diet. Providing you follow the diet plan as instructed then Tesco Diets have an impressive track record and you can be confident of losing weight.

How are Tesco Diets different to other diet plans?

Probably the most stand-out feature of Tesco Diets is that fact that you can get personalised shopping lists delivered on a weekly basis. These include everything you will find in a Tesco store and you can even edit the list and then buy everything online.

So with just a few clicks of the mouse you can do your weekly shop, get everything you need for your diet and get it all delivered to your door for hassle-free diet shopping.

Another unique feature I found when doing my Tesco Diets review was that they have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions or problems you may have. This team can be accessed by email, phone or online chat and the experts even hold regular online meetings.

This means you can get personal advice and motivation from someone who knows what they are talking about, all included in your low subscription price.

Since I have mentioned price, let us take a look at it for a second. A 6 week plan costs £17.90,  a 10 week plan costs £29.90, a 6 month plan costs £59.90 and a 12 month plan costs £78. That means you can get a plan for as little as £1.50 per week.

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To put this in context, the majority of diet plan sites cost around £35 for 4 weeks of access which makes Tesco Diets incredible value for money.

Here are the reasons why Tesco Diets are different:

  • All of the diet plans are personalised to you
  • There are medical condition specific plans
  • You get a personalised shopping list every week
  • Experts are on hand to help at any time
  • There is a huge community of dieters for you to access
  • 10 weeks of Tesco Diets is cheaper than most charge for 4 weeks

Will Tesco Diets work for you?

Weight-LossThis all depends on whether you are prepared to make a few diet and lifestyle changes. Of course best results are seen when you combine a healthier diet with a suitable fitness and exercise program.

Tesco Diets can provide both to you but if you only want to change your diet you can still see results.

If you are looking for miracle cure that will not require you to change anything then a diet plan is not for you.

However, if you recognise that you need to change the way you eat and are prepared to make a few sacrifices to achieve your perfect weight then yes, Tesco Diets can work for you as long as you stick to the plan!

The great thing about a diet plan is that it can be combined with the majority of the slimming tablets that are on the market. Many of these recommend you eat healthy and exercise more to get the best results so combining a slimming tablet with Tesco Diets is a great way to speed up results.

There is also a version of Tesco Diets for men. This is specifically tailored to provide men’s fitness and diet plans and takes in to account a mans higher level of nutritional intake.

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What are the negatives of Tesco Diets?

To be honest there are very few. Perhaps the biggest ones are the fact that you will be required to make some changes to your diet and exercise routine in order to see results.

Tesco Diets is designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle for the long-term not just while you are a member. It does this by helping you get used to healthy habits that will make it easier to stick to them in the long run.

This means you can lose the weight and keep it off, however, it does also mean that you have to be prepared to make these changes at least in the short-term.

The only other real negative is the fact that as with most diet plans, the cost is a subscription based system. This means you pay for a set period of time not for a lifetime of access. Therefore you must be sure you will start the diet almost immediately to get your money worth.

Tesco Diets Summary

Overall, Tesco Diets is probably the best online diet program you will find. It has the lowest cost and yet probably the best features. This means you get value for money that cannot be matched by other diet plans.

There are a great range of different diet plans to choose from so you can always found one that is right and will work for you.

The personalisation of the service is what really sets it apart from other programmes. You can get the diet plan itself tailored to suit your needs as well as the weekly shopping list so you are never left in any doubt – it is like having your own personal dietitian!

If you want to lose weight the traditional way through changes to your diet and lifestyle then Tesco Diets offer you the best chance of success.

And if you really want to, you can always combine it with an effective slimming tablet for maximum results in the shortest possible time.

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