Celebrity DietsCelebrities everywhere are on diet pills or diet programs or they go on “vacation” on a “secluded island” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) only to return a dress size slimmer!

And when people ask how come they lose weight so fast and they maintain such slim bodies all they hear is “Oh, I eat a healthy, balanced diet and jog with my dog!” Yeah, right! Tell it to the dog, lady! We all know they were on one of the many celebrity diets.

Unfortunately, the truth is a lot shadier than that. For one thing they are almost all lying. They take drugs and I’m not talking harmless diet pills here.

The latest craze in Hollywood is Adderall, although any ADHD drug will do, crumpled and snorted.

That’s right. These drugs are powerful appetite suppressants and they also keep you focused. Some do cocaine, but these prescription drugs are legal and cheaper and you can’t get picked up by the police for snorting them. And who knows, maybe Hollywood is entirely made up of people suffering from ADHD.

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And if that’s not enough, there is that drug used to treat asthma in horses and help humans lose body fat really fast. What about side-effects? Well, there’s psychotic episodes, depression and serious heart problems and the horse steroids can backfire and make you gain weight uncontrollably.

That being said, is it any wonder that so many of our stars seem to be so foul tempered and that so many marriages end within months? Are celebrity diets to blame?

So Victoria Beckham drinks Pu-erh tee and Kirstie Alley did JennyCraig, until she started putting on more even more weight and needed to be replaced with the younger and cuter Valerie Bertinelli.

And we are to believe that’s all there is to it! Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross admitted to the pressure to be thin: “Not eating is a constant struggle. It’s like they pay me not to eat. It’s a living hell.”

Then there is liposuction, breast enhancement, fat injected cheeks and so on and so forth. Not many admit to it, but almost anyone who reads the news has heard about Tara Reid’s botched lipo job. And then there are those photos showing Posh Spice with what looked like a failed attempt of removing her breast implants.

But of course, celebrities look healthy and youthful not because of plastic surgery or aggressive cosmetic procedures, but because they eat a healthy, well balanced celebrity diet, exercise 5 hours a week and they’ve learnt the secret from their mums, right? Their poor dogs must be exhausted from so much jogging.

But should you and I really care about what celebs do to look slim and youthful? The fact is we shouldn’t care. They are actors and actresses and it’s in their job description to look as good as possible or else they would be out on their asses in a flash.

And when they look us straight in the eyes and tell us they do nothing but eat their veggies to stay thin they are actually playing a role – the role of a celebrity. As long as being thin seals the deal for them, they will have to play this game or find another job.

Meanwhile I’ll try to lose weight the old fashioned way – a little bit of diet, a little bit of jogging, and a little bit of diet pills (there are some that respect our bodies’ metabolism, so they are safe to take). I’ll look OK and I won’t ruin my health, even if it means that I’ll never make the front covers of the fashion magazines.

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